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Tyann Marsh

This last summer, I visited the Olympic Peninsula for the first time in many years. I am originally from there, and haven't been home in a while, so a spontaneous trip was in order. I popped in to the farmer's market while there, and picked up a bottle of Hurricane Hills Wine. Now I'm not normally a wine drinker, but I thought I'd give the blueberry a try, as it is one of my favorite flavors. It was amazing. It has just the right amount of blueberry taste, and is not overwhelming. I definitely recommend trying Hurricane Hills, especially if you enjoy great tasting wine, that is made with the environment in mind.

Sean Martin

Great tasting selection but the blue berry wine is my favorite especially mixed with champagne.

Christy Bien

This wine is refreshing! Because there are several different flavors, you can match it with any protein, fruit or vegetable dish. It also tastes very clean and there are no harsh after-tastes. Love this brand and look forward to seeing what else the owner has to offer!

Sara Slipper

Shameless Tart was amazing ! Thank you!

Terry Smith

Great wine.