To order our wines please call, email or send a text to the numbers below.  Our wines can be purchased at select retail locations as well as regional Farmers Markets where we are able to give wine tastings.  We are licensed to ship wines anywhere in Washington as well as several States listed below. For specific purchasing locations and shipping quotes please don't hesitate to send an inquiry, we want to hear from you!   

Please call anytime so we can assist you. 


or TXT 360-797-3493 


We currently have the following wines available in both the standard 750ml size for $16 and 375ml size for $9.  Our wines are crafted in small batches and sell out quickly, so scoop up on your favorite when they become available! 

Blackberry Lavender~  12% abv.  A semi-sweet blackberry wine fermented with a unique variety of lavender grown in Sequim, WA resulting in a wine with rich blackberry flavor and an amazing lavender aroma.  This wine has delicate floral notes that are balanced perfectly with the berry flavor.  It is the ultimate relaxation wine!  

Orchard Plum~ 12% abv. A semi-sweet plum wine crafted with a variety of plums harvested on the Olympic Peninsula. This is an excellent summertime wine and is best served chilled.  This wine is similar to traditional plum wines but not as sweet, allowing more of the plum flavor to come forward.  It pairs wonderfully with spicy dishes, pork and chicken.  

Limited Quantities  

We have very limited quantities of the following wines, availability not guaranteed. 

Blackberry Beet~ 13% abv.  A dry blackberry wine crafted without the use of sulfites or any other chemical additives.  It is a blackberry wine fermented with locally grown beets and enhanced with a twist of citrus. The beets add an earthy hint to the wine and the blackberry flavor is fruity, yet this is a dry wine. It is aged with oak and tastes very similar to a Cabernet, people are shocked to learn that there are no grapes in this wine!  It is an excellent dinner wine and pairs with beef, cheese and charcuterie.  

Apple Habanero~ 12% abv.  A very unique apple wine fermented with habanero pepper and spices resulting in a semi-sweet wine with an amazing and complex flavor.  This wine has been wildly popular, and we are anxiously waiting for the next batch to be ready to bottle. Soon! We still have a few bottles left in the cellar, available by request.  This wine has the flavor of habanero yet just enough heat to be easy drinking. All of the apples were harvested on the Olympic Peninsula.  

Rhubarb Rose~ 13% abv.  A dry rhubarb wine crafted without the use of sulfites or other chemical additives with locally farmed rhubarb.  It has excellent rhubarb flavor and is best served chilled.  It is a great anytime wine, and perfect for those who enjoy dry wines.  


Strawberry Rain~  A semi-sweet/sweet strawberry wine hand-crafted and fermented in mountain spring water strait from the Olympic Mountains. This wine is best served chilled and has an excellent strawberry flavor.

Northern Blueberry~  A semi-sweet blueberry wine crafted exclusively from berries grown at Vionville Farm in Lynden, WA.  This small farm takes amazing care of its berries from start to finish, and the fruit reflects that quality through to this wine.  

Shipping charges and handling fees are adjusted to your specific location, and we love talking to our customers! You can also text inquiries to 360-797-3493 or email us at hurricanehillswinery@gmail.com Please include your shipping address for a shipping quote.  

ALERT!    Interstate wine shipping laws are very complex. I am only able to ship to the following States at this timeAlaska, California, Florida, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington and Washington D.C.

By placing an order on this site you are certifying that you are at least 21 years of age and legally allowed to purchase alcohol. FedEx will only deliver to the person placing order and they must show ID for delivery.   CHEERS!