Hand Crafted Natural Fruit Wines

Hand Crafted Natural Fruit Wines - Jessica Newberg

I am a lifetime resident Port Angeles, and spent my childhood growing up at Lake Dawn which is a small community in the Heart of the Hills in-route to Hurricane Ridge.  I had the Olympic National Park as my backyard growing up, and it instilled a lifelong appreciation of nature and what our beautiful region has to offer. It is the inspiration for my winery and where the mountain spring water in my wine comes from.

After graduating from Peninsula College,  I worked in fisheries and the timber industry before going back to school at the University of Washington majoring in Ecology and Resource Management. Growing up and working on the Olympic Peninsula has solidified my position on sustainable resource use and I understand the social and economic importance these industries play in the culture and viability of our community. I am very excited to see new industries coming to our area and how our community has rallied together to increase tourism and improve the lives of local residents, especially recently.  My business will play an active part in increasing this trend by supporting local farms and tourism.

I became interested in making wine 8 years ago and it slowly evolved into the dream of creating a unique wine brand. Making wine is an art and a science requiring a lot of hard work, patience and dedication.  It is coupled with creativity and risk taking, with the ultimate reward of creating a product that brings people joy and represents fun and celebration. I am passionate about creating a natural product that features locally grown produce and reflects the unique character of our region.

Without the support and encouragement of my friends, family and complete strangers this dream would not have become a reality and for that I am eternally grateful. My ultimate goal is to expand the business to a destination setting allowing a tasting room and retail area.  I want to create a permaculture you-pick orchard and host year-round activities that are engaging for all ages and benefit our community.  I do not have a public tasting room at this time.  Please "like" us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with local tasting events, as well as where you can purchase and try our products locally.